Toyua Waddell’s

Toyua is currently a resident of The Lighthouse in Owensboro, KY. He works during the
day, and hopes to transition to his own housing when he achieves greater financial stability. His residence at The Lighthouse follows a period of incarceration, after which he experienced immense difficulty in obtaining a new driver’s license, birth certificate and social security card, a process which ended up taking over two months, during which he was unable to work. He notes that these two months of idleness post-reentry also put him at greater risk for relapse into addiction. He also mentions that many of the problems that led to his incarceration began very early in his life, as the community he grew up in exposed him to large amounts of drug use and violence throughout his youth and adolescence. Today he is on an admirable path of recovery, and points to access to more robust reentry education programs and streamlined identification services as key issues for GLBH/KCJF to seek to address.

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