Our Educational Modules


Often those who are in recovery tend to lose sight of their abilities. This module will help individuals to rediscover the leadership qualities that exist within.

Peer Mentor Training

All recovery coaches are encouraged to undergo ongoing training.

Peer Mentor Certification

Qualified individuals who are interested can obtain peer mentor certification.

Three Part Educational Series

Kentucky Criminal Justice Forum hosted a three part training series. The training series was designed to empower people looking to engage in social justice. Speakers include Shelton McElroy, Marcus Jackson, and Jason Hall. Panels consist of Kate Miller, Hasan Davis, Tialisha Lumpkin, Savvy Shabazz, Megan Compos and Tayna Fogle.

Drug and Alcohol Education

Education training modules are an important part of the recovery process. We begin by distinguishing between abuse and substance misuse diagnoses. Also, during this training module, we discuss how substance misuse impacts the following: relationships, work, home, and school.


Physical Impact of Substance Abuse

Alcohol and drug use impacts the body physically in several ways including increased blood pressure, heart disease, liver disease, and ultimately cognition.

Stages of Change

Will discuss the importance of being able to identify and understand the different stages of change. We meet clients where they’re at. People enter the recovery process at different stages.






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